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Window of fame
Zurich, Switzerland
Marianne Mettler | Tibor Foeldes and
the associated artists
Experimental ART SPACE with Shop Window
Weststrasse 136  |  8003 ZURICH | Switzerland
We investigate the theme of the night in the contemporary reality of an extended twenty-four-seven temporality, superimposed by networks of information. Interiority signifies the inner state not only of a physical world, but the metaphysical world of thought and imagination as well. Deep relates to the abyss of the unconscious. The night, dark and uncharted, instigates imagination and transforms everyone into a creator. We celebrate the night as a catalyst of possibilities.
«The continuity of night is opposed to the discontinuity of days. The dreamer, once he closes his eyes, trusts the night and comes across discontinuity. Through this encounter, depending on the dreams, the dead, the solitaries, the ones gone for good, come back to us, into us. […] The starrier the night the more fertile it is. The more fluid the night the more maternal it is. The darker the night, the more demonic it is.» -
Pascal Quignard, La nuit sexuelle 2007
PAINTING Installation WITH KALEIDOSCOPE  | CITY NOIRE below the surface
Opening October 3rd 2019