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Window of fame
Zurich, Switzerland
Marianne Mettler | Tibor Foeldes and
the associated artists
Experimental ART SPACE with Shop Window
Weststrasse 136  |  8003 ZURICH | Switzerland
It became quiet during the lockdown. The 100 DAYS project was born into this silence. Private image material made available to the artist draws very personal impressions in different places around the world at the same time. People allow a peek into their privacy through the keyhole. In the window of FAME, new moments from different living conditions will be visible every day for 100 days. The project has evolved over the course of the corona period. It has become more complex. The artist has set selected, personal emails from this period to music and woven them into a total work of art consisting of images, video and audio.
CORONA Log  Day 73
Christian Kauffmann, Barcelona

CORONA Log  Day 64
Giselle Davalon, Paraguay
CORONA Log  Day 55
Michael Endlicher, Wien
CORONA Log  Day 50
Jeannine Hauser, Buenos Aires
CORONA Log  Day 47
Matt Gkikas, Athen
CORONA Log  Day 42
Ben Aryeh Levin, Israel
CORONA Log  Day 36
Barbara Puchegger, Wien
CORONA Log  Day 33
Mir Mehrdad Hashempour, Wien
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LOG VIDEO - INside OUT …Let's stay home and do the dishes first
Exhibition @ Window of FAME in Zurich during our Opening
THINGS THAT DANCE between October 1st and the 2nd 2020
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