WINDOW OF FAME asks Questions::
In an ideal world, what would be our greatest vision?
Experimental ART SPACE with Shop Window
Weststrasse 136  |  8003 ZURICH | Switzerland
Foto Marianne Mettler, Zürich
Rückblick 2015
Foto Tibor Foeldes, Zurich
We see our off-space as a platform for art projects and encounters. In an ideal world our off-space should be independent from its current location at Weststrasse 136. Our goal is to establish Window of Fame as international brand, that can move and take roots anywhere in the world. A space that supports women as artists and makes them visible in the art world and dresses political and social issues with a twist. Also in future we will continue to encourage artists to contribute to a topic that we choose. It is important to us that the topics we choose are illuminated from different perspectives by artists all over the world. In an ideal world the artist exchange between the different ART Spaces takes place worldwide and we are all networked via a single platform. In an ideal world the funding of art is less complicated and less hurdles for the applicant. The time saved  can be invested in creativity.
Ausblick 2021
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Window of fame
Zurich, Switzerland
Marianne Mettler | Tibor Foeldes and
the associated artists