Project description to follow in January 2020

Interdisziplinäres KunstProjekt 2020
Kuratorin Marianne Mettler, Zürich

Speaking up
What is your message?
Some of you people asked me what’s going on?
I get emails most everyday.
I get  tweeds most everyday.
I get  Instagram messages most everyday.
Almost the same thing every day.
What is happening here?
I don’t know what to tell them.
I don’t know what is going on?
I think it doesn’t make any sense to me? So what is it in the message?
Know what I mean -
Window of FAME zelebriert die Frauen
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Window of fame
Zurich, Switzerland
Marianne Mettler | Tibor Foeldes and
the associated artists
Artist-run-initiative für Entwicklung und Realisierung von interdisziplinären Kunstprojekten
Weststrasse 136 | 8003 Zürich | Schweiz