How much is works of art to us
In our final performance summer special, Alicia Velazquez asks the audience whether performance art has a monetary value. In her Performance FOR SALE she opens a pause for thoughts, in which she is asking whether and how performance art can be bought. She leaves the audience up to them to think about and find answers. How much is art worth to us.
Britta Liv Müller, Wädenswil
Window of FAME freut sich mit folgenden
KünstlerInnen in Stockholm vertreten zu sein
Marianne Mettler, Zürich
Tibor Foeldes, Zürich
Zoé Jeanneret, Bülach
Yves Seiler & Alexa den Hartog, Zürich
Hanga Séra, Zürich
Elsa Essinger, Stockholm
Performance Summer Special im Open Window
Marianne Mettler SILENCE SURFACE
Stockholm Independent Art Fair
will be held on 14–17 October 2021.
no. yes.
maybe not.
it despends.
will I. why. I will.
do I. yes I do not.
maybe. yes. no.
always. later. yes never. why later.
now. will I. no. yes maybe. maybe not.
yes I will. do I. yes I do not. later. now. no. yes. always.
maybe tomorrow
maybe never.
FATart in Schaffhausen
DO I WANT TO BE TOUCHED - Fotoinstallation von Marianne Mettler
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Window of fame
Zurich, Switzerland
Marianne Mettler | Tibor Foeldes and
the associated artists
Experimental ART SPACE with Shop Window
Weststrasse 136  |  8003 ZURICH | Switzerland